Siloam Wellness Centre Ltd

Siloam Wellness Centre Ltd is a not-for-profit charity set amongst the beautiful hills and bushland in Draper, north west of Brisbane.

We provide trauma-informed holistic care to:

Those who may be struggling with overwhelming or traumatic life events.

Those who are exploring spirituality.

Those who desire personal growth.

Those who are simply seeking belonging in a safe and authentic community.

We believe that everyone matters, and everyone and everything is redeemable. We believe that wholeness is not an absence of brokenness but an embracing and integrating of all parts of ourselves into our stories.

We believe that holistic healing and wellness occurs as we foster safe relationships, seek the presence and power of God and explore personal hindrances to well-being. 

Our focus is providing and facilitating space for connection with God, connection with ourselves and connection with each other.

Our Values



Honour and Respect


God’s Presence


Trauma-informed Care

Our Services


Professional trauma-informed care for those experiencing intrusive emotional, psychological, social and or physical symptoms associated with past or present overwhelming or traumatic life events.


Professional supervision for vocational ministry workers including pastors, chaplains, staff and volunteers. A safe space where the demands of ministry can be laid aside to allow for facilitated reflection and fresh perspectives.


A safe and authentic space for spiritual exploration and growth. A place where we welcome the presence of God, pray and reflect on scripture.


A safe and accepting space to gather and experience a sense of belonging and healing through personal growth courses.

Trauma-informed Care 

Many people suffer trauma in their lives. Trauma is any event, series of events or environment that is experienced by an individual as physically or emotionally threatening and overwhelms their ability to cope. A traumatic event provokes overwhelming fear, hopelessness and helplessness, shattering the person’s understanding of the world around them. Trauma can leave a range of mild to debilitating effects on an individual’s day to day functioning, impacting psychological, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual well-being.

Trauma-informed care considers the wide-spread effects of trauma in individuals and our community and focuses on offering unconditional acceptance, understanding and a felt sense of safety.

Our Founders

Tim graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Leisure Management, and after a career in retail management, felt called by God into pastoral ministry. Over the next 20 years Tim fulfilled various roles as Youth Pastor, School Chaplain, Children’s and Families Pastor, and Senior Pastor. During that time Tim completed a Bachelor of Ministries and fulfilled the ministerial and educational requirements for Ordination. More recently, Tim has completed a Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision.

Kerri initially studied mathematics at university and worked in the finance industry in fund administration and business analyst roles. After deciding to change course, Kerri fulfilled roles in office and finance administration within a church context, and was involved in creative and prayer ministries. In 2009 Kerri began counselling studies, completing an Advanced Diploma, followed by Master of Counselling qualifications.

Tim and Kerri founded Siloam Wellness Centre in March 2019, initially as a partnership. In March 2020 Siloam Wellness Centre Ltd became a not-for-profit public company and registered charity.

Tim and Kerri are passionate about companioning with others as they explore the presence of Jesus, build authentic community, foster compassion and honour for self and others, and find freedom to live the abundant life Jesus promises.