We have a heart to bring together and support communities who are in unique circumstances or who have specific needs or interests. We value community, and believe that providing a safe place for people to gather provides great opportunity to experience unconditional acceptance and belonging, allowing relational wounds to heal and a holistic transformation to occur.

Groups and events will be advertised periodically, including personal growth courses, special interest groups and community get-togethers. 

Embracing Me 

‘Embracing Me’ is a 12-session program for women who are traversing the journey of healing and wholeness. Our heart is to see women find freedom from past or present traumatic or emotionally overwhelming life experiences so that they can be empowered to step into the future with renewed hope and courage.

With a focus on holistic, trauma-informed care, the sessions are one and a half to two hours long and are specifically designed to help women develop a healthy sense of self and confidence to engage in safe and healthy relationships. Each session consists of a time of learning, a time for personal reflection and group discussion.

Embracing Me is facilitated by Kerri Sweetman, Counsellor and Co-Founder of Siloam Wellness Centre, and Hannah Stringer.

Our next program will begin in 2022. For more details please call 0422 776 326.